BAIN DE MINUIT 2014/2015

What could be more glamorous than a midnight swim under the stars of Monte-Carlo?

Our new Bain de Minuit collection evokes the intimacy and opulence of a gala evening for two, when city lights and starlight merge in the Mediterranean waters under the warmth of an evening sky. Pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings fashioned from the finest luxury leathers catch the eye with sparkling highlights to illuminate your look and give you the fascinating gleam of an evening star.

Festive evenings in Monte Carlo have inspired our designers for the 2014/2015 Bain de Minuit collection, for an enchanting new blend of serene elegance and party shine. Sparkly new materials punctuate the warmth of luxury leather and precious metals, recalling gleaming constellations, scintillating shooting stars, or the glow of the midnight sun.

The new warm, crepuscular red, “Amarante”, joins the velvety tones of black or taupe that give our finely worked leathers a truly distinctive look.  Each of these shades of leather is carefully worked and stitched by our expert artisans, before being combined with rhodium, pink gold or yellow gold and then enhanced by a touch of starlight.   Our trademark leather seal, conjugated in the feminine mode, puts its stamp on bracelets and pendants.

To complete this season’s look, our unique watches -- already distinctive through the use of leather under the watch face -- also include gems under the face for a subtle yet sparkling effect.
Opt from a selection of styles, from the ethereal to the bold, knowing that, whatever your choice from the Bain de Minuit collection, you will be the star.

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