CÔTÉ MER 2013/2014

A near decade ago, ZEADES, the Monte Carlo fashion jeweller with a passion for leather, recognized the infinite adaptability of fine natural leather.
Since then, the brand has been turning the quality material into designer bracelets, pendants, earrings, watches and accessories that explore the fluid vocabulary of leather.

Blending unique design, colour chic and the finest materials, the 2014 COTE MER collection sparkles with style and gives a captivating new look to a classic theme.

A brand new shade of soft French rose has been added to our selection of pale blue, white or cinnamon luxury leathers that are carefully worked and stitched in a choice of styles with the utmost savoir-faire.
Flirty butterflies -- enameled and lit up with a splash of crystal or delicately profiled in warm rose gold -- alight on a selection of earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets to mix and match for maximum allure.

From the graceful lines of a silhouette to the bolder enameled solid forms, from the warmth of gold and leather to the éclat of crystal or the elegance of pearls, you can choose your look according to your mood. Whether simple or sophisticated, coquettish or tender, bring your individuality to light and brighten each day with your own personal butterfly garden.


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