Leather has more facets than a finely-cut diamond. And Zeades, the Monte-Carlo producer of fashion jeweller y passionate about fine Italian leather, is a connoisseur who specializes in their discovery.

The Zeades technique for the work of leather on leather watches « Maroquinières » is, firstly, to select a very fine leather, taupe colour for the "Métropolis" model, tone on tone with the bracelet.

The work of the craftsman consists in cutting out of it very precisely, with a cutting die and using cutting and measuring instruments, a piece for the dial.  The mounting of the housing and the dial is then performed and the stones are inserted.  For the watch to be the thinnest possible, once all the pieces are set, it is important to select the finest leathers, hence the importance that our craftsmen give to this work.

The mounting of the bracelet of the watch also involves several steps. Firstly, for the Metropolis model, the leather is cut out using a cutting die. The sides of the bracelet are also covered in leather. The lining is cut according to the exact size of the final strap, mounted and stamped with the ZEADES logo. This part is then padded. Finally, the leather covering the padded lining is overstitched, and gently stuck onto the sides by a turning process.


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