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Heading for the capital of the Côte-Azur: Escale à Nice rhymes with relaxed living and farniente. A stay in the colors of Provence awaits you. An invitation to stroll with a panorama of the Mediterranean Big Blue.

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3 bracelets SET 1283 bracelets SET 128
3 bracelets SET 128 Sale price€195,00
Bracelet FORTEPIANO AbyssBracelet FORTEPIANO Abyss
Bracelet FORTEPIANO Abyss Sale price€69,00
2 bracelets SET 1292 bracelets SET 129
2 bracelets SET 129 Sale price€125,00
Bracelet CHANDELIER Kambala TigerBracelet CHANDELIER Kambala Tiger
3 bracelets SET 1263 bracelets SET 126
3 bracelets SET 126 Sale price€175,00
Bracelet FORTEPIANO BronzeBracelet FORTEPIANO Bronze
Bracelet FORTEPIANO Bronze Sale price€69,00
Bracelet KONDURA Blue ImperialBracelet KONDURA Blue Imperial
Bracelet MEZZO EbonyBracelet MEZZO Ebony
Bracelet MEZZO Ebony Sale price€39,00
Bracelet MEZZO KhakiBracelet MEZZO Khaki
Bracelet MEZZO Khaki Sale price€39,00
3 bracelets SET 1253 bracelets SET 125
3 bracelets SET 125 Sale price€165,00
Bracelet LEGATO KhakiBracelet LEGATO Khaki
Bracelet LEGATO Khaki Sale price€59,00
Bracelet LEGATO OrangeBracelet LEGATO Orange
Bracelet LEGATO Orange Sale price€59,00
Bracelet CHANDELIER BronziteBracelet CHANDELIER Bronzite
Bracelet CHANDELIER Bronzite Sale price€69,00
3 bracelets SET 1273 bracelets SET 127
3 bracelets SET 127 Sale price€165,00
Bracelet COSMOPOLITAN 4S MarineBracelet COSMOPOLITAN 4S Marine
Bracelet FORTEPIANO GreyBracelet FORTEPIANO Grey
Bracelet FORTEPIANO Grey Sale price€69,00
Bracelet CHANDELIER Blue ImperialBracelet CHANDELIER Blue Imperial
2 bracelets SET 1302 bracelets SET 130
2 bracelets SET 130 Sale price€145,00
Bracelet TANGON Abyss BL.Bracelet TANGON Abyss BL.
Bracelet TANGON Abyss BL. Sale price€85,00
2 bracelets SET 1312 bracelets SET 131
2 bracelets SET 131 Sale price€145,00
Bracelet LEGATO AbyssBracelet LEGATO Abyss
Bracelet LEGATO Abyss Sale price€59,00
Key Ring CABESTAN MarineKey Ring CABESTAN Marine
Key Ring CABESTAN Marine Sale price€55,00
Bracelet MEZZO AbyssBracelet MEZZO Abyss
Bracelet MEZZO Abyss Sale price€39,00