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The AIR line is ultra-light, its contours the height of delicacy.
Whereas the shapes of the Larmes Line are soft and pure, in homage to the ultra-femininity of the pear cut diamonds.

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Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Black RO
Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Black RO Sale price€139,00
Earrings PLONGEON Black RO
Earrings PLONGEON Black RO Sale price€79,00
Long Y-necklace PLONGEON-Haut Rose ROLong Y-necklace PLONGEON-Haut Rose RO
Bracelet PLONGEON 6S Amaranth RO
Bracelet PLONGEON 6S Rose RO
Bracelet PLONGEON 6S Rose RO Sale price€59,00
Ring BULLES RO Sale price€89,00
Pendant BULLES Sand YEPendant BULLES Sand YE
Pendant BULLES Sand YE Sale price€95,00
Ring BULLES YE Sale price€89,00
Earrings PLONGEON Sand YE
Earrings PLONGEON Sand YE Sale price€89,00
Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Sand YE
Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Sand YE Sale price€139,00
Pendant PLONGEON Sand SI
Pendant PLONGEON Sand SI Sale price€105,00
Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Sand SI
Pendant PLONGEON-Haut Sand SI Sale price€149,00
Bracelet PLONGEON 6S Sand SI
Bracelet PLONGEON 6S Sand SI Sale price€75,00
Pendant BULLES Sable SIPendant BULLES Sable SI
Pendant BULLES Sable SI Sale price€89,00
Ring BULLES SI Sale price€89,00
Bracelet LARMES Amaranth RO
Bracelet LARMES Amaranth RO Sale price€105,00
Bangle LARMES Amaranth ROBangle LARMES Amaranth RO
Bangle LARMES Amaranth RO Sale price€175,00
Bangle LARMES Black RO
Bangle LARMES Black RO Sale price€175,00
Bracelet LARMES Rose RO
Bracelet LARMES Rose RO Sale price€105,00
Bangle LARMES Sand YE
Bangle LARMES Sand YE Sale price€189,00
Earrings LARMES Sand YE
Earrings LARMES Sand YE Sale price€139,00
Earrings AIR Taupe SIEarrings AIR Taupe SI
Earrings AIR Taupe SI Sale price€109,00