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Experience the romantic Mediterranean breeze while adorning yourself with these chic and eco-friendly jewels crafted from 100% recycled rope. The mechanical process transforms post-consumption plastic bottles into a polymer, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, and allowing you to indulge in sustainable beauty.

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2 bracelets SET F192 bracelets SET F19
2 bracelets SET F19 Sale price€94,00
2 bracelets SET F182 bracelets SET F18
2 bracelets SET F18 Sale price€133,00
2 bracelets SET F172 bracelets SET F17
2 bracelets SET F17 Sale price€94,00
2 bracelets SET F162 bracelets SET F16
2 bracelets SET F16 Sale price€94,00
2 bracelets SET F152 bracelets SET F15
2 bracelets SET F15 Sale price€94,00
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Black.BL
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Black.BL Sale price€59,00
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Abyss.BL
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Abyss.BL Sale price€59,00
Bracelet Taupe.TA
Bracelet Taupe.TA Sale price€59,00
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Khaki.CR
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Khaki.CR Sale price€59,00
Bracelet AMIRAL eco Orange.CR
Bracelet NAVIGATEUR eco Rose CR
Bracelet SAUVEUR eco Red.OR
Bracelet SAUVEUR eco Red.OR Sale price€49,00
Bracelet SAUVEUR eco Orange.TA
Bracelet PENNON Khaki 2T
Bracelet PENNON Khaki 2T Sale price€35,00
Bracelet PENNON Rose
Bracelet PENNON Rose Sale price€35,00
Black Rope BraceletBracelet PENNON Black
Bracelet PENNON Black Sale price€35,00
Bracelet PENNON EbonyBracelet PENNON Ebony
Bracelet PENNON Ebony Sale price€35,00
Bracelet PENNON Orange 2TBracelet PENNON Orange 2T
Bracelet PENNON Orange 2T Sale price€35,00
Bracelet PENNON Abyss 2TBracelet PENNON Abyss 2T
Bracelet PENNON Abyss 2T Sale price€35,00
2 bracelets SET F202 bracelets SET F20
2 bracelets SET F20 Sale price€84,00
3 bracelets SET 1213 bracelets SET 121
3 bracelets SET 121 Sale price€99,00