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Zeades Monte Carlo


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Ancient sunken volcanoes offer wild unspoilt landscapes of rocks finely jagged by the wind and sea spray plunging into the Mediterranean


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It is in a legendary place where the brand was born… Monte – Carlo… and ZEADES reflects this image of elegance, nonchalance, Mediterranean spirit, but also the modernity and urban charm of the French Riviera.
No place in the world so subtly distils this blend of chic and French Riviera lightness. ZEADES is steeped in Mediterranean influences: the radiant light, the dazzling reflections on the sea and the blue horizons make us dream by distilling a soft mixture of radiance and relaxation...


Imagined by Danielle Devreese, the collections come to life under her creative pencil.
She graduated with honors in Interior & Architecture and won the Bruynseraede -
De Witte Prize, awarded annually by the Royal Academy of Ghent (Belgium) to the most promising student.
Her jewelry creations combine fine jewelry and leather goods and are always original and inventive, giving off a great energy and a great strength of character.


ZEADES offers unique creations, combining for the first time the know-how of jewelry and leather goods. The finest leathers are meticulously selected in the best tanneries in Tuscany, then worked by hand.
The leather jewel is unique because it is not ephemeral, it takes on a patina on contact with the skin, thus taking a little of the soul of the wearer. Leather gives nobility and authenticity, but it is the colors that set the tone.
Playing with a color palette ranging from Graphite Black and Abyss Blue to Chocolate Brown, from timeless Taupe to vibrant Amaranth Red ... we have them all.

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Shop the look

3 bracelets SET 1503 bracelets SET 150
3 bracelets SET 150
Sale price€199,00
3 bracelets SET 1503 bracelets SET 150
3 bracelets SET 150
Sale price€199,00
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