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  • What kind of jewelry should you choose for a man ?

A leather bracelet is the perfect gift idea for men. Whether it's for a birthday present, Father's Day or Valentine's Day, a leather bracelet in braided, twisted or simple cord is an elegant choice for men's jewellery. To keep things classic and refined, solid silver is a timeless choice that suits all styles. On the other hand, for more fashionable men's jewellery, stainless steel is an excellent choice. Finally, natural stones are also an alternative for a more delicate, bohemian touch.

  • How to choose the size for a man's bracelet ?

Men's stone bracelets are often elastic,  they adapt to the size of your wrist. For leather or solid silver bracelets, the Small size represents approximately 165mm around the wrist, 180mm for the Medium and 195mm for the Large.

  • All about men's jewelry

Genuine leather bracelets add a sense of quality, while stainless steel offers a robust, modern solution. Solid silver remains a classic, sophisticated choice, while the addition of natural stones allows for unique personalisation. Braided, twisted or simple cord, bracelets can be adapted to suit all tastes. The stacking trend is increasingly being used for men's bracelets, allowing several matching bracelets to be worn on the wrist and playing with materials. Men's jewellery is also a thoughtful gift idea. Whether it's for a birthday, Father's Day or even to celebrate the birth of a child, a well-chosen bracelet can be the perfect gift. Special occasions such as Valentine's Day are also seeing an increase in the popularity of men's jewellery as symbols of affection.