In creating ZEADES, we were entering unexplored territory. So, do take a couple of minutes to dive into our fabulous universe. It will give you an insight into an exceptional journey, one which you may well want to become part of.

The starting point is the finest of Italian leather, selected from Tuscan tanneries for its soft, supple sensuality.

Then…  A contrarian marriage between the silkily-sensual genuine Italian leather and cool 925 sterling silver or high-resistance stainless steel.

Bringing two completely different professions, leather manufacture and jewellery making together proved to be an exciting but also daring challenge: the skills, production and working methods of these two crafts are completely different!

The effect is resolutely contemporary: a signature line of inspired jewellery and accessories.

The compelling concept stands for a subtle invitation to play with colours and materials, accompanying the mood of the day…  As each day is different