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Bracelet CATAMARAN AB.LB in Mediterranean blue genuine Italian, handcrafted with double sided stitching in a darker tone blue all along, on a technical back lining.  Comes with a perfectly fitting Stainless Steel clasp, easy to put on and off, and deep edged with the classy DAMIER ZS logo pattern.

  • Material: genuine Italian leather handcrafted in our atelier in Tuscany
  • Metal : high-resistance Stainless Steel 316L

  • Comes in 4 sizes :
  • XSmall = 16cm wrist
  • Small = 17cm wrist
  • Medium = 18cm wrist
  • Large = 19cm wrist
    SKU: ZMB02647
    Bracelet CATAMARAN AB.LB
    Bracelet CATAMARAN AB.LB Sale price€69,00